Professional Organizer Rates

Do you want to hire someone to help you organize spaces and at the same time optimize them? You may be interested in knowing the rates of the professional organizer and knowing what he can do for you.

What can I do for you

Having a professional organizer or organizer is increasingly popular. Among his work, these stand out:

  • It will create order for you and facilitate the tools so that everything is kept organized over time.
  • All his work is personalized to the maximum, so you are going to establish together attainable, simple and realistic systems to eliminate disorder.
  • You will agree on a work routine to better plan all the tasks you must do in your day to day.
  • It will advise you on decoration and furniture to optimize space and avoid disorganization. Our prices range from 35 euros per hour and built to your individual needs and each quote built for you.

What is the rate of a professional organizer?

Although each professional has the method of her, the professional organizers, usually work following common guidelines. After the initial contact, you will visit the place where the work will be carried out to learn first hand the current situation and know what your needs are. Then, you will offer you solutions in different fields to achieve the best results.

As for how the rate is calculated, in this section we cannot generalize. We charge for the hours we dedicate to your project. Keep in mind that, thanks to our method, we can offer you the rates of a professional organizer adjusted to your budget and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, tell us your idea and help you come true.